August 19, 2014


Alright . . . sooooooo . . . I have posted about this resource before, but in honor of Back to School, I figured I'd circle back around.  And, now I have 3rd Grade Packets available!!!  Say what???  #bigkidmathishardforme  

Good Morning Work is hands-down the most valuable resource I use in my room.  These collections are packed with pages that specifically target the Common Core standards.  I have this handy dandy little flip chart that has me WAY up to date on all of those new benchmarks we are expected to serve up to our kids.  While creating these, I really strive to be very mindful of each an every problem I place in these (maybe this is why they take me ages to finish - just a thought).  My goal is to apply the standards in ways that are student-friendly and challenging.  It's a crazy line to try and walk when dealing with the "core" {I know a ton of you are with me on this one}, but I think I've navigated it pretty darn well.  

1st Grade Good Morning work in action last October.
Goodness I miss this cutie.  

Unlike other Morning Work Packets, I always chunk my topics.  In other words, you will see the same 6-8 standards for five days (one week) in a row.  I believe this is the element that sets this set apart from other collections out there.  Why do you ask??  Well, as the week winds down, you receive fewer and fewer questions from students allowing you to get all that "busy teacher morning junk" out of the way.  I also have found that this strategy empowers kiddos to trust themselves by encouraging independence in a safe manner.  I also include a SUPER STUDENT CHALLENGE at the bottom of each page.  This higher level question is perfect for those above grade level kiddos who need the bar raised on 'em!

2nd Grade Good Morning Work
Photos from the sweet Jenna @ I've Got It Made in 2nd Grade

I have monthly Good Morning Work packets for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades.  My team has been using the 1st grade sets for years and we swear by them.  Most of the 2nd and 3rd grade teachers at my school are using my Good Morning Work collections too!  It makes me happy to know that so many kids at my school are using the pages that I poured my heart and soul into - swoon. 

Lots of bloggers also use my Good Morning work.  I am so honored that these talented ladies believe in my pages.  Here are just a few . . .



Okay . . . I'll be quiet now, but Good Morning Work may be just what you are looking for to help shake things up in the AM this year.  To check out these packets a bit closer . . . click the grade level below to see some sample pages.  With TPT's BIG BOOSTER SALE tomorrow you can get these (or the bundles) for fraction of the cost.  

Big hugs and thanks for listening to me today.  I just finished up a fun little recess manners freebie (it even has a cute little song) and I'll post it later this week.  I'm pooped as all get out and it's off to dream land I go.  Night gang!

August 18, 2014


I cannot believe that I am actually sitting down to draft a post after completing the first day of school.  I have no idea why I am still standing (the 15 power nap may have a little something to do with it), but I think the excitement from our stellar day is still surging through my veins.  What a crew.  Seriously, folks. This is gonna be one of those extra special years . . . the vibe was evident the moment we got rollin' today.  

Alright, so I didn't want to miss out on all the fun over at Blog Hoppin' . . . so, here I be with Monday and Tuesday's topics.  Who the h-e-double licorice sticks is this crazy blogger and where does she work??  Well, here you be . . . just in case you were pondering such thoughts.

This is my 8th year of teaching.  For those of you who follow me, you may already know that education was NOT my first gig (that's why my wrinkles are becoming much more noticeable in shots that I post - I've been around the block).  My first career was actually in marketing/public relations.  I worked in the field for 5 years before realizing that I had really missed the boat.  I went back to school and snagged a multiple subjects credential.  This is my first year co-teaching or job sharing with one of my dearest friends.  The boss man allowed us to take a year to work as a team . . . I am beyond thrilled!  We are working the first two weeks together so the babes get to know both of us.  After Labor Day, we will split the week :)

We had such a wonderful first day together on Monday!
We are going to be one heck of a twosome.
Let's see . . . more about me.  I am a wife to the sweetest man around and a loving mother of two fur babies.  I am an endometriosis fighter.  I am loud.  I am all about finding the humor in life.  And, I come from a family of teachers. My pop is actually Ron Brown from Intelli-Tunes.  I guess it is safe to say that education is in me blood!   

Here are two of my sweet "family" members. 
Love when my dad gives special concerts in my room!

Enough yammering on about my little life.  Let's get to the good stuff already - where does Kelley work?

I landed a job at the greatest school in Northern California.  It's a magical place were the whole school functions like a family.  We are our own little community and I am lucky to call a room on campus my home away from home. 

Yup . . . a rainbow leading right to MY door!
It truly is a magical place.

Although it may be magical, I work in one of the older rooms on campus.  It smells funny when it's closed up too long and it's somewhat pieced together, but I managed to make it pretty cozy over the years.  Here's a look-see inside our four walls.  Bright and cheery has always been the name of my game.

Made cubby tags this year.
Thank you Power Point skills!
Our group chart! 
Main bulletin board . . . we are lucky that it's painted and LARGE!
This was our welcome board . . . made by last year's kids.
Love our Wall of Fame area.
Court and I have all our pictures up here - swoon!
Another XL bulletin board.  It's our writing display area.
It ties into our Rock Star theme perfectly.  Thanks for the help Melonheadz!
We will jump into kinds of sentences and punctuation after Labor Day.
This one is up and ready to reference!
It's part of my Punctuation Has Personality pack.  
Another student work area :)
Can you tell I am all about displaying kid stuff??!!
Alright, so there are a few more areas in the room, but I forgot to take pictures today . . . back to school brain got the best of me after all.  Way to go, Dolling! Oh well.  You get the idea and I gotta get my bum to bed.  Thanks so much for taking the time to visit today.  Be sure to pop over to Blog Hoppin' to check out the rest of the posts and what's in store for the rest of the week!  Hugs y'all . . . see you soon!

August 17, 2014


Um . . . really??  I cannot believe it . . . a post about that all-mighty first week lesson plan.  Where in the world did the summer go?  I can't complain though. It was a magical 8 weeks, but today marks its final hurrah.  At 8:20 tomorrow I begin a new journey with a sea of 24 fresh little faces.  It will be my 8th year in primary (1st to be exact) and I am co-teaching with one of my dearest friends. I am so excited and nervous all wrapped up into one.  I cannot wait to see what adventures await us :)

On that note, here is a little peek at our plans for the week.  If you are interested in any of the resources shown, click the picture to access the clickable links for each pack, paper, or whatever it may be!  

We will be running with a Rock Star Student theme to help us kick things off.  I think the kids are gonna eat it up . . . 

Math is pretty mellow in the afternoons.  Those little guys get oh so sleepy after lunch during this first week.  We will be doing a lot of number sense review and practice (1-5) as well as a handful of fun themed graphing activities.  We also will be hosting tub time every afternoon.  The babes will have to opportunity to explore our various classroom math manipulatives in a handful of laid-back collaborative math rotations.   

Beginning of the year writing is always a crap shoot.  You never know what they will be able to do.  We have three main writes planned for specific days, but as you know, these are subject to move throughout the week.  Primary is all about reading the "crowd," right??!!  Hehehehe.  I am so looking forward to the Lunchbox Manners Craft & Write.  I so want our crew to be the best they can be in the lunchroom this year -- I think this reflective write and the awesome manners song that goes with it will be just the ticket.  In addition, we will be hittin' that quality handwriting right out of the gate.  We are using a fun themed pack to help us "sell the sizzle" of rockin' printing!  

Alright . . . so there it is in a nutshell . . . our first week.  I'll be back soon with a little something new.  I am off to actually write this in the plan book.  It has been on a legal pad for two weeks now, but I just couldn't put it in the official planner.  Enough waiting . . . it's time.  Big hugs gang.  

August 15, 2014


Alright, so this isn't totally back to school related, but I wanted to share some tips and tricks for all those hard workin' teacher bloggers and other classroom curriculum creators out there.  After all . . . it is the season of working like mad on that trusty electronic box. With this said, I bring you a post dedicated to ways to avoid what I like to call . . . Bloggy Boo-Boos.  

Here's a little background on this whole thing.  I hit my creative stride in February and early March of last year.  You know, that time where you are working like an insane person - the ideas are flowing, you are on Power Point from the moment you wake up until your head hits the pillow, and your husband forgets what you look like.  Well, this over the top work ethic was great for my classroom kiddos and my TPT shop, but it wasn't so great for me.  It started out as a "tingle" in the right wrist.  It felt tired and ached a bit, but I pushed through.  Next, that little tingle turned into a burn and it inched up my forearm. I kept working.  Finally, my whole arm from my fingers to my upper arm went numb. I finally stopped working that day.  However, the damage was done . . . epic fail :(  

I went to the doctor and he discovered that I had developed a cranky case of tendonitis.  #TpTneedsworkerscomp

He put me on high powered anti-inflamatories that didn't really work and caused OTHER problems.  My eye twitched for weeks and I got a nice little rash all over my stomach (it left a scar too . . . grrrrr).  Um, thanks doc!??!  The only thing that seemed to help was NOT working on the computer.  I was forced to take a 2.5 month break and was a total sad sack.  When I finally felt good enough to jump back in the game, I quickly noticed that my hands, wrists, and forearms were not the same.  They now both ache and burn if I work too long.  Sigh.  At that moment, I realized that it was time to get serious and try some new things to try and save my beloved side gig - creating resources.  Below you will find a few things that could prevent injury or help keep it at bay (if you are lucky enough to already have problems . . . boo).

Hands down (pun intended) . . . this one has helped me the most.  I went in to get my massage therapist to work on my upper back and mentioned that my wrist hurt.  Well, this amazing lady found the source of the pain.  The tendon gets the most inflamed about an inch from my elbow - in my forearm.  Say what??  Yup.  Check it out.  If your wrist hurts trace it up to the spot highlighted below.  You might be surprised to find that it REALLY hurts here.  

If it does hurt in this spot on your arm, I would suggest rubbing it periodically when you work.  It really does help.  And, get your bum into a masseuse ASAP. With my "injury" my hubs looks the other way when I go in for a rub down every other week . . . #smallvictories

So, some people will tell you to go with heat and I do from time to time. However, this girl loves to ICE her arm owies.  Cold seems to numb the inflammation and gets it to back off for a bit.  I was using a dumpy gel pack, but that amazing massage therapist of mine suggested something so much better - ICE CUPS.  You can actually massage your arm while you ice.  It's life saving I tell ya.  They look like this . . . 

You can make these by filling a Dixie cup and putting it in the freezer.  When you are ready to use, trim the top of the cup off so the ice is exposed.  Make sure the paper is away from the edge . . . when your arm is numb, you won't feel the cup tearing your skin up (lesson learned).

You can ice your wrist and really get at that painful spot on your forearm.  I can't do it for that long as I am a total baby.  BUT, even the shortest amount of time truly helps.  This trick and the massage have kept me creating as of late.  **DISCLAIMER . . . don't do it for too long (use your noggin) and please don't try to sue me if you do get freezer burn on your arm.**  

In other words . . . find an Icy Hot type product.  I have an aloe-based bottle that I purchased from my acuppuncture gal.  When working for long periods of time, I rub globs of this all over my arm.  Wash your hands EXTRA good before you touch your eyes (another lesson learned). 

Speaking of the sweet acupuncture lady . . . this one helped me out a bit too.  I always fall asleep on the table with all those little pins in me.  So . . . maybe it was the snooze that made me feel better, but it could be worth a try.  I have found acupuncture to be a great way too unwind/de-stress (is that a word) and it has helped me with other health problems.  Could be something to look into.

Let's be honest . . . these are dippy as all get out.  However, they really do help. I was told to wear these when I sleep as you cock your wrists in all sorts of horrid postitions when you care catching up on those important zzzzz's.  I will admit that I was very skeptical at first, but surprisingly, I always seem to wake up feeling better than when I went to sleep.  I started sleeping with just one on the right wrist.  Now I wear one on both hands. #dollingisbringingsexyback

By far, the endless clicking was killing me the most.  I was using a regular old Mac Wireless Mouse when I got myself into this whole tendonitis pickle.  Well, the eva-fabulous Lyndsey Kuster from A Year of Many Firsts stepped in and saved the day.  She told me about the Evoluent Vertical Mouse {Wireless}. I will admit that I was a little skeptical when it arrived, but Lynds was right on target with this suggestion . . . this thing totally saved my TPT career.  And, it feels like you're driving a space ship - it's the little things :)    

This is why it works so well!

I also highly suggest using wrist rests around your keyboard and mouse.  I may sound old as the hills here, but I don't care.  These little padded things make a world of difference -- especially when working for long periods of time.  

I have one for the keyboard (above).
And, I have one for the mouse (below).

Alright, that's it from little me today.  Here's to a pain free back to school work period!  Thanks for taking the time to visit me.  I am off to ice my arms and start work on a new pack (or two)!  I'll see you Sunday with something new and a little freebie . . . fingers crossed ;) 

Don't forget about the AMAZING GoNoodle Blog Hop that's still going on.  CLICK HERE to learn oodles of brain break tips and tricks . . . and to WIN BIG.  

August 10, 2014


If you follow me, you know that I am a true believer in the power of GoNoodle. It was definitely love at first glance when I spied this FREE site for my very first time.  After using this amazing resource for a large chunk of the year, I now understand just what a brain break can do for a classroom full of kiddos!  It's absolutely magical I tell ya.

With this said, I am trilled to join an amazing crew of bloggers today to bring a very special "hop" your way (cute rhyme accidental here).  Not only will you have access to some ideas and classroom-tested tips about brain breaks, but you also will have oodles of chances to WIN BIG.  

On that note, I am here to tell you all about selecting just the right brain break at just the right time.  My kiddos absolutely LOVED GoNoodle last year and I picked up a few things along the way.  Here are three simple tricks to remember when selecting that perfect "brain vacation" for your babes.       

This tip is a no-brainer.  We all can feel when the "worm is turning" in our classrooms.  You know what I mean -- heads on the desk, droopy post-lunch eyes, excessive fidgeting, the sudden appearance of less than desirable behavior, etc.  Well, if you see these signs, take a moment to drop in a brain break.  They'll "tell you" when they need one.  As the year progresses, you may also begin to see a pattern emerge.  We paused and loaded up the GoNoodle account between writing and math every day last year.  It absolutely saved my sanity in the afternoons -- the kids were ready to get down to biz-nass after having a fun active moment.   

GoNoodle offers up so much more than breaks that get those wiggles out and exercise the body.  They also have oodles of calming games.  These are perfect to slip in before a big assessment or after a high-energy lesson that you just implemented in class.  You can also use the chill brain breaks as a follow-up to one of the site's wiggle eliminating ditties.  Case in point . . . 

This was one of the best moments of my teaching career.
We stumbled across this beloved song on the GoNoodle site.
It was controlled chaos at it's best and the grins were from ear to ear.

After watching that first clip you might be thinking, now they are more jacked up!
Well, this video was taken about 1.5 minutes after our dance party.  
We went from 0 to 60 . . . and back to 0 in about 6 minutes. 

GoNoodle is always adding new breaks to keep things fresh and new for teachers and kids.  I suggest taking the time to peruse the site from time to time  (sans students).  This can be done after school when the kids leave -- it doesn't have to eat up any prep or personal time.  I just pull up the site on my computer, click on a video, and keep on truckin'.  You can get a feel for the activity while you work!  By knowing your breaks, you can seamlessly slip in the PERFECT "classroom pause."      

Alright, so there you be -- how to select the just the right brain break for your students . . . in a nutshell.  GoNoodle is the most amazing classroom tool.  Not only do the kids love it, but it's free.  I'm not talking "strings attached or hidden fees free."  I mean totally FREE.  That's music to a teacher's ears :)

However, the fun doesn't stop here today.  In addition to learning more about implementing brain breaks, all of the bloggers in the hop are hosting a giveaway for some SWEET GoNoodle swag.  You can even win a premium subscription to the site along the way!  I have such a cool GoNoodle goodie to offer up.  Check out this awesome treat . . . 

GoNoodle Tumblers are the bomb (dating myself with that reference).
I scored one of these in Vegas and it has quickly become my FAVORITE cup.
Hot or cold beverages work in these . . . swoon.
What are you waiting for??  Jump on in and get yourself entered to win.  Fill out the simple Rafflecopter below.  **If you already signed up for GoNoodle, you can still enter!!**

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for visiting me today.  But, why stope here?  The hop has only just begun.  Pop on over to the fabulous ladies at What the Teacher Wants to learn more about the power of brain breaks and enter to win more cool stuff. Have a great week.  I'll see you soon.


All you packet makers out there . . . I know you'll hear me loud and clear on this one.  You know when you first started out on this crazy TPT road and you were pluggin' along making creations??  You thought you were really rockin' the whole thing and that your packs looked amazing.  Well, as time passes, your design look changes, you find better digital elements, and you fall into your groove. Once this happens you look back on your first packets and cringe.  Seriously folks . . . looking at some of these makes my heart hurt.  After they are downloaded one to many times and you can't take getting all red in the face anymore, you make the time to change one.  Case in point . . . Super Student Bucks.  **sigh**  

**palm to forehead**
OMGOSH . . . I am so embarrassed.  
But, we're now back on track with this one!

Alright, so I've posted about this before.  But, now that it has had a face-lift, let me re-introduce this fun classroom management system that I roll with every year.  It fits my style to a tee, it is very effective, and it teaches priceless math concepts at the same time.  Maybe it's for you - maybe it isn't. Read on to find out if this idea is something you might like to try this year. 

Starting day one, my kiddos earn Super Student Bucks for all sorts of things (trying their best, using good manners, helping others, quality work, etc.).  As money is earned, each student stores it in a special "wallet" (labeled Ziploc bag). These are stored in their pencil boxes.  

I give money during whole class and small group time.
I LOVE using money at my reading station.
They just stack it up and add it to their "wallet" when the rotation is over. 

Every other week, the kids cash in the money they have earned to buy a lunch date with yours truly.  My babes get to eat in the classroom and I spring for a small dessert.  At the beginning of the year, I set the "price" of my lunches low. We want ALL kids to experience these and see how fun they are.  As they year progresses, I slowly increase the price.  

My students love earning money and ask to count it all the time.  And, here's the kicker with this one . . . they really WANT TO COUNT IT.  This has proven to be the best counting/skip counting practice this teacher could ask for.  I always start off the year by giving ONLY dollar bills.  Then, I move to tens and hundreds.  Finally, I introduce those tricky fives.  My firsties learn how to pile their bucks by value, skip count like crazy, and count on like pros.  By the end of the year, my babes are earning in the thousands and most can count it on their own with awesome accuracy!  

In this FREEBIE update, I added additional values to the mix.  I only use 1s, 5s, 10s, and 100s with my kids.  However, I had oodles of requests for other denominations.  So, this collection now includes 2s, 20s, and 50s too!  We aim to please around here.  

So, what do you think??  Is this something you may want to try this year?  This packet also includes a Tip Sheet to help get you started.  For example, you don't have to give up your lunchtime to run this system . . . you can have your babes trade in cash for just about any little treat.  However, there are SO many ways you can roll with Super Student Bucks.  Take the foundation of the idea and jet with it in a direction that fits your classroom needs and overall teaching style.  CLICK HERE to snag this free packet.  

Okay, I am out of here for a bit.  Check back at MIDNIGHT tonight for an EPIC blog hop.  You don't want to miss what's cookin' . . . it's stellar.  PROMISE.  

August 9, 2014


Since we are in full-blown back to school mode, I wanted to highlight something that has really saved my independent reading group station.  Maybe you have a killer routine that works for you?  Maybe you already use this one?  Dunno??!! However, just in case you don't roll with a system you dig all that much, I wanted to share a little something that works for me.  Um . . . it's FOLDERS. Who knew something so simple could make a world of difference??

Alright, so here is the skinny on this one.  About 6 years back, I was frustrated with my independent center rotation.  I would stock one of the dreaded "all alone" reading centers with a review worksheet of some sort . . . a little paper/pencil practice if you will.  At this time, this independent work was in a collective bin. When groups arrived at that station, they pulled a sheet out of the stack, worked, and turned in what they had completed when the timer sounded (in the same bin).  Here are just a few reasons that I wanted to pull my hair out doing it this way. . . 
  1. When my students didn't finish their center worksheet, it made for a huge paper mess that I had to manage . . . BLARG!  It made holding kids accountable extra difficult.
  2. Some kids finished in no time at all and I had to create additional center follow-up activities.     
  3. I had to do most of the filing as I like to correct each piece of work that a child touches.
  4. It was hard to tell who wasn't working up to their potential.
  5. Differentiation was difficult in a communal bin -- kids easily see what everyone is assigned and it becomes a hot mess. 
  6. I felt like I wasn't challenging the gifted babes enough.
Well, all this changed when I implemented one small adjustment -- stuffing work into folders.  Seriously folks.  It kinda sounds stupid, but it changed the WHOLE BALL GAME and simplified my life completely.  

Let me explain.  Before we started groups that year, I decided to try individual work folders for each child.  I labeled some regular old manila folders with each kiddos' name and added a colored sticky dot to indicate the child's group. 
Then, to make these files easily assessable to the kiddos, I organized them in a stacking tray by group color (see the matching dots . . . yeah buddy).  

So . . . when each group gets to their independent station, one child passes out the folders for his/her group and they get down to business during the 20 minute rotation.  The best part is that you can really differentiate this way.  Your low babies may be working on short vowels and have two papers to complete, while your top crew tackles comprehension stories, vocab, and vowel teams . . . with three papers to complete.  By putting the work into folders, kiddos don't seem to really notice that they have different jobs! 

At the end of the rotation, the papers get stuffed back into their folders (finished or not).  The folder is then returned to the correct stacking tray.

After school, I am able to pull the files and grade them quickly.  Everything is in one neat little place.  (This makes it easy to take home if I don't get to them after school.)  I star papers that are competed correctly, staple them together, and write file at the top.  If things need to be corrected, I circle the mistakes and write fix at the top of the paper.  If things are too sloppy, I erase the page or place a brand new copy in the folder with a "you can do it, Dude" note. 

After grading, everything gets stuffed right back into their folder and 1-3 new papers are added (work the following day . . . the number of papers depends on how the group worked as a whole as I don't want to totally overwhelm them).  I already have a stack of copied papers for each group set aside for the week.  These are sorted into fancy colored folders that match each reading group.  I pick and pull from these so stuffing is swift and rather painless.      

A comprehension quickie for my top group.
Starred with a silly note on the top.
Stapled to other completed papers and ready to file!
Mid-level group working on digraphs.
This kiddo went above and beyond.
I wrote a fun little note and gave him some Super Student Bucks!

The next day when the independent work station rolls around, the kids once again snag their folders and immediately file their corrected work. (No filing for me!!!)  Students then fix those questions/words that are marked and pick and choose which new papers they wish to tackle.  In my room, kids do not have to finish every paper that I give them.  However, they know they are expected to be working hard.  It's easy to tell who is trying their hardest and who isn't quite "reaching their potential" when work is in folders :)  

What's the incentive for kids to finish their work, you ask??  Well, in first grade we run a Fun Friday -- a 30 minute free time block right before lunch.  If a little sweetie's work is not complete, he/she gets to work to finish up what he/she did not manage to complete during the week.  Sure, I stack their folder a little bit on Thursday so Friday isn't a total play time (shhhh . . . don't tell them that), but most of the kids work oh so hard during the week and only have 1-2 papers to finish on Friday.  It's all about "beginning with the end in mind."  Those kids who didn't work  during the week, or who were struggling with concepts, get pulled to the back kidney table for small group support.  Some of the kiddos also volunteer to be teachers.  These sweet students sit next to a classmate who isn't finished and walk 'em through it.

It's a glorious system I tell you.  They file their own finished work.  They are held accountable.  You can differentiate between groups and even for babes within groups.  You can leave them little notes of encouragement.  It's easy to see who is struggling.  Overall, folders have been a really amazing independent center system for me.

The other thing I really dig about the folder thing is you can catch that kid that tries to get out of the independent work.  Yes siree!  When you grade each group set, it is easy to see who has been working and who hasn't.  If you notice a STACK of work on Wednesday, that "heart to heart" chat can take place.  You can also tell who has been hiding their work.  We all get 'em -- that little sweetie that files untouched papers or crumples them in a ball and hides them in the back corner of a desk (it's always in the same places . . . hehehehe). Well, with independent folders, you can figure out who that cute little kiddo is immediately . . . this child just so happens to be missing a paper that you just graded from the rest of the group :)  BUSTED -- and problem solved! 

Well, there you be . . . independent work folders in a nutshell.  If you are wanting to streamline your "all alone" station, this could be something to give a go this year.  I have shared this system with others and they always sing its praises. It makes things so easy.  Now, I know it's different strokes for different folks . . . but, this is one idea that may fit your style.      

Alrighty then . . . that's it from me today.  What do you think??  Is this something you might try?  Do you have a system that you love?  Feel free to share in the comments folks!  On that note, I am officially O-U-T.  I'll see you VERY soon with something oh so exciting.  Check back Monday.  You don't want to miss out :) Hugs y'all . . . hang in there :)


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